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Trueblue Studios is a full service solutions agency with a focus on the life sciences and pharmacutical industry.

UX & Digital Design Solutions

We are able to help flush out concepts with digital workshops aimed to expose requirments, goals, and obsticals. Creating personas to better understand your user base. Create userflows to expose pitfalls and reveal painpoints in the system.

Print & Packaging Design

Deriving from a traditional print background, we are able to support your print and packaging needs. From business cards to tradeshow booths we are able to support with pixel perfect percision.

Product Design

With a strong background in product development, we are able to help your vision come to life with 3d renderings and prototyping. bring us your concept and we build it to perfection.


Trueblue Studios was founded in 2004 by Christopher Trackim to help bring better experiences through print, product, and the digital mediums. With a belief anything a company offers to an individual should be of the upmost quality and provide the best experience possible, Trueblue Studios strives to provide quality solutions which not only makes sence to your users, but makes sense to your company. Below you can find my experience working with large and small companies alike to help provide better experiences.


Trueblue Studios is located in the greater New York area and services many of the local large pharmacutical companies. Trueblue Studios is a virtual studio and with the use of technology, we are able to communicate and manage projects to compeltion while maintaining the excepted quality.



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